What is a Micro Mini?

Last year, I came with another option for clients to do short and quick sessions that are perfect for milestone sessions or even a quick headshot session.

Some might think the price is a bit steep - especially for such a short amount of time. However, let me clarify.

--I promise 10 minutes of shooting (I even take your payment at booking so that I don't have to stop and take payment during your short session).

--During those 10 minutes, I take multiple angles and poses into consideration. I promise you 7 images, however, as you will see from the examples below, I'm not sure I've ever only given 7? If it's a good shot, you get to keep it and it's included in your gallery download, even if I've already given you 7 images!

--It's perfect for a quick milestone session (think kiddo's birthday coming up!) and even families and headshots. Occasionally, I do outdoor micro minis, where the major disadvantage is that we don't have time to walk around to change the background options. Micro Minis held in my studio or Studio House Mckinney are great cause there will be several backgrounds I can quickly move to.

The only think that Micro Minis are NOT good for, are cake smashes. They are just a bit more time consuming and I recommend a mini session (30 minutes) for that.

So, check out some real collages from micro mini sessions held in 2018. And lets chat to get you scheduled!

**** January 27th Micro Minis Available at discounted $100 rate at Studio House McKinney! Go to this link to sign up!

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