Newborn Sessions at Home vs. Studio

It's a hard decision to make, and I hope to help you a bit! I love both options, and if you have especially special newborn nursery set up and decorated, the in home option is great. There is a 20 mile traveling radius for this type of session, and beyond that, reach out to me to find out. Pros of In-home Newborn Session:

-Special decoration you have planned

-Ease of not traveling with a newborn/other children

-Able to finish touching up hair/makeup while I photograph the children

-When I'm doing photographing the siblings, they can run and go play or go take their nap, etc. Pros of Christie's Studio Session:

-Not having to clean your home preparing for me to come (normally most of the session is shot in the master bedroom)

-I can control the light (most North Texas homes don't have much natural light)

-Classic set up

-Usually studio sessions are a bit quicker than at home sessions, because I have everything ready and easily accessible. --There is an extra $50+tax fee for session photographed in your home.

Here are some examples of in home sessions :

Here are some studio examples:

You can't go wrong either way! xoxo Christie

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