iPhone Photography and Editing Class


Our lives are SO different already, and we don't know for how long! However, I LOVE to take photos of my kids, playing in my backyard, or coloring, or whatever, and the best camera to have is the one you have on you.....and what better than our cell phone cameras!

Why not learn something new while our lives have changed so much?

I'm offering an online webinar for iphone photography and editing on Thursday, April 9th at 8 pm (hello naptime and bedtime!) and will walk you through tips to make your images pop! It's $40 for the class and the presets are included! The Lightroom App is free, as well!

Go HERE to sign up and I'll email you the info!

Here are some details:

  • This course will be teaching photography specifically on the iPhone (any model). Android users are welcome, but I am not familiar with Android like I am with the iPhone.

  • We will be discussing portrait mode, adjusting the "blur", burst photos, and keys to getting good photos of kids

  • We will help you learn how to look for good light, watching for shadows and highlights.

  • After the basics are covered, we will download the Lightroom App (free) and will get signed in. We will discuss how to do simple adjustments (exposure) and then we will download Christie's free presets. (4 in all) I will help you get them downloaded and ready to use!!

  • ALSO! We have created a Facebook group of other mama photographers to post and ask questions and be proud of the images you have caught on your phone!

  • Here are some examples of 4 Presets I have created for this class INCLUDED for Free!

Presets included:

I'd love to "see" you at the class!

Go HERE to join and then I'll send you the invoice link!

xoxo Christie

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