Homeschooling! (With Coupon Code!)

I know. This isn't photography related. However, I'm having lots of people ask me about what options we have chosen for our kids for 2020-2021.

Wait...what? Why?

You may or may not know that our oldest child is deaf. She lives in a hearing world and a normal hearing classroom, with the assistance of an FM system, a cochlear implant and a hearing aid. BUT - if and when masks are involved, there is NO WAY she could function without seeing lips and reading them for context.

We knew this was coming, and when our district released their annoucement, I knew there was no way we could send our kids to in person or online public school ( I just knew that no matter how long, it would not be the best learning for kindergarten student to sit in front of a computer!)

And yes, I am a former teacher with an education degree. Homeschooling was not on my radar for many many years and I was even looking forward to this being the first year I had 1 drop off and 1 pick up and both kids at the same school. Just being honest.....

But, it's not what's best for OUR kids to send them in this corona-school the way it is going to be. I'm beyond grateful that I have the OPTION to stay home, adjust my schedule, and take charge of their schooling.

Curriculum Choices

After much research and prayer, we chose MY FATHER'S WORLD curriculum. Here are some main points that sold me.

1) I asked around to MANY mamas and groups and MFW (My Father's World) was recommended over and over again, especially to mamas (like me!) who did not want to choose each subject separately (that's way too overwhelming for me!).

2) It's an all inclusive CHRISTIAN curriculum. You pick the grade, and then the math and English/grammar that goes with that grade, and you're done. For me, my K and 3rd grader's materials cost around $1100 for the year ( I pretty much bought every book they suggested or recommended for each age group). There was no tax and no shipping to Texas. It is NOT an online program, as I did not want my kinder student to be sitting in front of a computer all day. They say the average family finishes their school work within 4 hours in a day (I imagine we will make that a bit shorter).


Here are the links to the specific grades I looked at - there are obviously more on their website. These come with all read-alouds and teacher manuals needed!

Kinder First Second Third Fourth Fifth

*I did purchase math and grammar/spelling from their site for my 3rd grader and bought the butterfly kit and ant kit for my kindergartner!

3) Their bundles come with the Lesson Plans and everything you need to just jump in!

3rd grade lesson plan example

4) 50% of their profits, as a company, go to translating the Bible into languages that need it around the world!

5) For us, the Signapore Math program was the same as Adi was already doing at her Charter school. Easy transition there!

6) They even use Usborne books for some things, which we all know are so well written and created!

How to Jump In:

1) Withdraw form Public School -

It's not hard to withdraw your kids. In fact, the Texas Homeschool Coalition even has a fill in the blank letter generator for you here:

I sent the generated letter to the principal, the attendance clerk, the assistance principal and the Sped teacher.

2) Order the Curriculum

Links above and here:

I've been in contact with MFW to be able to offer my friends/clients an affiliate code, if you choose this route! It would bless me so much if you used my code! NEW CODE:

Originally, I had asked MFW for a code to share with friends. They offered a free library tote, but today I asked them for a percentage off! They gave me a 5% off code and I'm happy to share that with you! Woo Hoo!

(To give you a comparison, when I purchased, all I could find a code for was free cookie cutters. So yay - this is a much better deal!)

Details of the coupon code:

5% off ANY order of $200 or more

New or Existing Customers

Expires August 31, 2020

Their prices are VERY competitive to other curriculums I looked at, plus there is a 90 day return policy (you just have to pay return shipping), so that helped me feel better if I changed my mind or if things somehow got better in the coronavirus teaching situation.

3) Facebook Groups ABUNDANT

You don't have to re-invent the wheel on anything!! There are Facebook groups for swapping materials, for general MFW questions, groups for EACH grade (sometimes several per grade) that have files and photo examples.

I've even found that MANY of the groups do large buy ins of crafts - 2 per week for the entire school year - that go with the curriculum for each grade. You pay and a mama sends your kiddo's crafts to you!

MFW Kindergarten Facebook Group and another one

MFW 3rd Grade Facebook Group and another one

4) You Tube

There are even mamas who have shown how they organize their curriculum on You Tube!

I hope this helps you in your journey to protect and help your kiddos! xoxo Christie

PS I'm not an expert by any means, but if you need help, let me know and I can try to help!

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