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Hi there!   If you have found this page, it's because we are interested in your home you have for rent.

Note - I said "HOME".  I'm amazed how many landlords treat their homes so poorly and like a building to give them money....but we are looking for somewhere to call our HOME - to raise our family, to connect with neighbors, and to have memories to last a lifetime.

  • A place to call home

  • Potential for long term lease

(min 2 years, with potential for much longer)

  • May 1st ideal starting date

  • 4 bedrooms minimum with a study

  • A landlord who cares about their investment

  • Both K and C have credits over 700+, income of $7800/month

  • Potential for long term lease

(min 2 years, with potential for much longer)

  • In OK, we were property managers for a California based landlord for 4 years. We are ideal tenants!

  • No pets

    • Full disclosure - we desire a service pet for our deaf daughter sometime in the future.​

  • Have rented in Frisco for 4 years(looking for more space)


We moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Frisco 4.5 years ago. Our daughter was born with hearing loss and her loss was progressively getting worse and we needed to seek out better care for her.  Texas has been an answer to prayer!

K and C are both small business owners and the way we are paid does not enable us to qualify for a mortgage.  We really want to move somewhere that is home to us.


  • Consistent Income

    • $6800/month from K's business​

    • $1000/month from C's business

  • Student loans and Car loan is only debt​

  • K's Business - 

    • Sales in 2018- $426k​

    • Profit/NetIncome - $60k

  • C's Business​

    • Sales in 2018 -$40K​

    • Net Income/Profit - $15k


Thank you for your time and consideration!

If you'd like to reach out to us, please email us

or call/text 918-851-2047

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