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Below are some companies and small businesses that I have traded with recently -- I know you are a professional, just like I am, and sometimes a trade can be a huge blessing to both parties! 


"AquaKids has been trading swim lessons for photography with Christie Gare Photography since January 2020. Prior to working with Christie, we were using photography from many others years prior. Christie has given us a library of high-quality images to use across our marketing efforts. To date, Christie has delivered 1,064 images. In addition, I have also used Christie's services for personal family photography as well. Christie's turnaround time is very quick and her quality is top-notch. I highly recommend working with Christie Gare Photography." - Andrew. K, VP Aqua Kids

Aqua Kids, North Texas
Traded Services  2020-Current

Dr. Evan S.    Chiropractic 

Traded Services - 2019 - Current

​​"I have been trading with Christie for years. Her work is incredible and has been extremely beneficial for my business and my family. We have been able to trade services to each other and both benefit! Highly recommend working with and trading services with Christie, you will not regret it! She always goes above and beyond for you! "


"As a hairstylist on a budget I was so appreciative when Christie mentioned she was always open for a trade if I ever wanted. It was about 6 years of consistently doing her hair before I took her up on it…when we had our rainbow baby. I already knew Christie’s work was impeccable and I trusted no one else for such an important shoot. One year later I am still so in love with our pictures! I am so glad she wanted to barter, otherwise we may have gone a cheaper route and I wouldn’t have been nearly so happy. A trade can be scary because you don’t always know if the other person is going to hold up their end of the bargain, but I completely trusted Christie, she was highly professional, and she went above and beyond what I expected with our pictures. On top of that, she still uses my services and has sent several clients my way out of the goodness of her heart. I am so thankful for her as a person as well as her beautiful work!" - Sarah T, Owner

Hair With Sarah -
Traded Services 2021

Closet Organization Systems
Traded Services for Product
2019 - Current


"We have traded with Christie Gare Photography since 2019. We were able to arrange a trade that was beneficial for her and for us -- and her work was exactly what we were needing.  We have used her for "in action" shots, entire staff headshots on site, and completed/staged example photos of our products.  Her work is what we have used on all of our social media sites and websites, and we will continue to use her for years to come."- Kurtis G, EVP of Clozzits


Nothing But Sonshine Shop - Online Boutique

Traded product for services

Thanks for reading this far!  If you'd like, I'd love to chat about trading your services for a photoshoot.  Possible ideas are:

- Headshots on site 
-Headshots in action
-In action/working photos - Rate is usually $500/hour
-Group/staff photos
-Family photos (newborn, milestone, family, holiday, seniors, etc).

Thanks for your consideration!


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