This page is to help you pick a location for your upcoming photo shoot!  Let me know if you have any questions! 

Warren Sports Park - Frisco

 Warren is known for bright and airy photos - with great accents to the photos for depth such as a bridge and wooden fence. This area is best in the 1 hour before sunset, as it can be very bright otherwise. 

McCord Park - Little Elm

McCord Park has a mixture of shaded and open areas for an array of shots with different looks!  This is a great park for fall colors and looks very fall like with leaves on the ground.  It is in a valley, so sunset is about an hour earlier than elsewhere.  The park is large so it's great for using my zoom lens and getting that beautiful "blur" behind you and your family.

Frisco Square

Frisco Square is a great option for someone who is wanting less "green" and offers a lot of depth and character to a shoot. As well as the columned walkway, there is a more urban look downtown and then a green grassy area as well.  



Babes - Frisco

Babes is a great area for a timeless look no matter the season (great for when it's winter and not much "life" elsewhere).  Also great for milestone photos as you get many different backgrounds in a small area.  Across the street from the Heritage Museum is a green open area with some great light at sunset!  Because of the spacing, shoots at this location usually tend to be a bit more "lifestyle" in nature.

Dallas Arboretum - Full Hour Sessions Only

The Dallas Arboretum is a hard location to beat, but because of the 40 minute drive, is only for 1 hour sessions.   It is beautiful year round!  Entry and parking is paid for with every session and multiple backgrounds are offered for every session.  In my experience, I have found that Sunday mornings at open (9 AM) is the best light and the least amount of crowds to deal with.  

Christie's Home Studio

This natural light studio is set up in my McKinney home.  It has a shiplap wall and a brick wall up consistently, and can add an additional backdrop if wanted/needed.. For more information, please see this link:

The Studio House McKinney  - +additional $30

Studio House McKinney is a home specifically built for photo sessions.  Includes bathroom, bedroom, and open area.  Great for newborns, lifestyle portraits, family sessions. etc.  Please note - additional fee of $30 per half hour applies to this session location, as I do not own it and have to rent it in advance for your session.