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My Tiny but Mighty Studio - Frisco Photographer

I offer a lot of different studios for my clients, but this one is located in my front room of my home -- and it's tiny! BUT - you'd be amazed what I can have happen in a tiny but mighty space!

My studio is great for:

All my pricing info can be found HERE

The bed is mostly used for toddlers holding baby siblings - it's a safe way to hold them and multiple ways to pose. Here are some updated pictures with alllll the props I have to offer!


Usually, if you are having a newborn session, I will start the session with the bed made. I start with sibling photos first and those are the best poses and safest poses to get of siblings together.

Here is how I convert it!


I have all of these props available in my studio. If you see something you absolutely want to use, it's always great to put it on your pre-session questionnaires so that I can have it out and ready for you!

The white chair - great for sitters and milestone sessions!

Round boho basket -Great for babies 1 and under!

Step Stool- great for bigger kids.

Boho bed -- great for little ones 1 and under. Milestone and newborn sessions.

Tiny stool - great for 2 and under - for sitting and showing their standing skills!

Two different cake stands!

Boho toddler chair. Adorable!

Classic White Toddler Chair

THE BOX - used for outdoor and indoor sessions alike. Kiddos sit on or sit in!

Another stool for 2 or so siblings. Perfect height for pre-schoolers.

One balloon blown up and ready to use!

Antique Bench - Big enough for adults to sit on !

Specific for newborn POSED session bowls/baskets!

SEAMLESS PAPER -- always available -- White,Pink, and Turquoise!

Example of using pink seamless paper!

Example of using turquoise paper with a confetti session!

On my other wall, I have another white paper (I use this so much that I have it in two places), as well as a new tan paper! It photographs beautifully.

Tan Paper

WHITE WOOD FLOOR -- takes just a few minutes to roll out and put down. Not large enough to go under the futon but works great for everything else!

SHIPLAP background - moveable in my studio - not large enough to go behind futon but works for standing and behind other chair/stools!

Also - black stool for headshots/individual photos!

Also great for cake smashes with the white floor!


- Moveable - on the other side of shiplap!


These are a couple of FABRIC backdrops I have available -- but please note, I need notice before you come for these to be set up- they can NOT be used for 10 Minute Sessions! Usually, I put them over the brick set up wall and then we shoot on the white seamless paper or shiplap backgrounds for additional photos. You can also use the brick, shiplap, papers, or boho backgrounds for milestone sessions!

*THESE ARE FABRIC - the colors/balloons/designs CAN NOT be changed!

*THESE ARE FABRIC - the colors/balloons/designs CAN NOT be changed!


This is something that is usually updating -- but here are some currents!

BOY swaddles available -- gender neutral on the right.

GIRL swaddles available - gender neutral on the right.

Headbands galore!

Backgrounds/basket stuffers

ALL of this is mine -- wood floor, bed, mattress, pillow, layering blanket, swaddle!

White bed also!


I hope this helps you get a vision of what is possible and what options I have at my studio! I offer 3 different newborn sessions (Mini, Lifestyle, and Lifestyle with Posed) and 2 options for milestones/headshots. All my pricing info can be found HERE

Ready to get booked? Shoot me an email and lets chat!

Hope to see you soon! Christie

Christie Gare, owner of Christie Gare Photography, is a Frisco, TX Family Photographer. Christie serves the areas of Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Celina, Little Elm, Plano, and beyond!


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