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Comparing Newborn Session Types

Trying to figure out which session type to go with? I hope this post helps you!

Option 1: Lifestyle Session

This session type is the more trendy, "lifestyle" and minimal posing type session that can be done quicker and a bit more flexible on timing. Poses of baby will be more simple - in their crib (for in home sessions), on a blanket or bed (several angles), being held, etc. Access to my wraps, headbands, and fuzzy blankets are still included too. The main difference here is that there are no heavily posed photos of baby - no boxes or special set ups.

Here are some examples of a LIFESTYLE NEWBORN session. These can be done in home (for additional fee) OR in Christie's Studio. These examples show some of each.

Option 2: Lifestyle Newborn MINI (30 Minutes)

This option is my more budget friendly newborn option. The most challenging part of this session is if baby is not sleepy, we kinda still have to go with the flow and photograph even if the baby is awake. We will NOT use props /boxes -- it will be lifestyle in nature (baby posed on blanket, in arms, etc) and will only allow for one out outfit for baby (either outfit you have OR one of my swaddles). 30 Minutes in the newborn photography world is kinda un heard of, haha, so I only hold them in my studio to help with equipment and lighting.

Here are a couple examples for a 30 minute mini! Note the baby is in the same swaddle and there were no outfit changes.

Option 3: Lifestyle Session + POSED NEWBORN

Option 3 is the same Lifestyle Session type posing, plus some more formal individual poses of the baby in props, on a faded background set up, etc. (Note: you still get poses similar to Option1, but you just get extra photos of the baby more formally posed). You are promised 5 more images of the baby formally posed (some will be similar prop/pose but different angles, views, etc). The baby needs to be very sleepy for this part and this usually takes an extra half hour or so. Below are some examples of the possible more formal set ups.

I hope this helps bring clarity to the difference of types of sessions! Blessings Christie

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