Lifestyle Newborn VS Lifestyle +Posing Newborn

For 2018, I'm offering 2 different kind of newborn sessions for those that may want more options when it comes to a newborn session. (for pricing, see this page:

Option 1: Lifestyle Session -

This session type is the more trendy, "lifestyle" and minimal posing type session that can be done quicker and a bit more flexible on timing. Poses of baby will be more simple - in their crib, on their favorite blanket, being held, etc. Access to my wraps, headbands, and fuzzy blankets are still included too. This link will show you access to everything I bring with me on sessions:

Here are some examples of a LIFESTYLE NEWBORN session:

Option 2: Lifestyle Session + POSING

Option 2 is the same Lifestyle Session type posing, plus some more formal individual poses of the baby in props, on a faded background set up, etc. (Note: you still get poses similar to Option1, but you just get extra photos of the baby more formally posed). You are promised at 5 or more images of the baby formally posed (some will be similar prop/pose but different angles, views, etc). The baby needs to be very sleepy for this part and this usually takes an extra hour or so. Below are some examples: