What makes Christie Gare Photography Different?

It's that time. The time to think about fall photos. You have a zillion of photographers to choose from, you have friends recommending people left and right. How do you choose? I know the feeling!

As I'm making my calendar and pouring hours into when, where, what the light will be like, etc, I thought I'd help you know how I determined my pricing and my business.

1) I don't like Sales.

This is not my thing.I have no desire to bring you to my office, offer you a latte, and show you a slideshow of your images, set to music, and hoping to get you to make an emotional purchase. The actual art of photography - the lighting, the posing, the connection - is the part I love. I want to focus on giving you that, delivering your images, and then let you enjoy them how you desire. No extra fees later. No "buy extra digitals".

2) Quantity of Images

If you notice my pricing sheet, you'll see that I say a "minimum" number of images. 99% of the time, I go over this. Obviously, there are factors here that I cannot control that affect the number of images (crying children), but I did take an average of the last few months of mini sessions to see what I *normally* do.

For a mini session, I guarantee a minimum of 20 images.