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What Makes Christie Gare Photography Different?

Yay! You've decided you want family/milestone/maternity/newborn photos! You have a zillion of photographers to choose from, you have friends recommending people left and right. You do a Facebook post asking for recommendations and get even more to choose from. How do you choose?

I get you have many options in North Texas. I'd love to be considered for your next session, and I believe that my business model and my talent speaks for itself. Read on!

1) Why Christie?

I've been doing photography for over 10 years, and I am constantly learning, tweaking, and investing in making my business and my product even better. I'm a former teacher - so kiddos are my jam and I am willing to make silly noises or whatever it takes to get them to look at me (and hopefully smile!).

2) I don't like Sales

This is not my thing.I have no desire to bring you to my office, offer you a latte, and show you a slideshow of your images, set to music, and hoping to get you to make an emotional purchase. The actual art of photography - the lighting, the posing, the connection - is the part I love. I want to focus on giving you that, delivering your images, and then let you enjoy them how you desire. No extra fees later. No "buy extra digitals".

My business model is: I love photography. Period. I'm not in this for sales or for tricking you into making extra purchases. 95% of my clients do NOT purchase prints or anything else from me after the session is over, and I'm fine with that!

3) Quantity of Images

If you notice my pricing sheet, you'll see that I say a "minimum" number of images. 99% of the time, I go over this. Obviously, there are factors here that I cannot control that affect the number of images (crying children), but I did take an average of the last few months of mini sessions to see what I *normally* do.

For a mini session, I guarantee a minimum of 20 images.

My average has been 38 images per mini session.

(This number does NOT include the black and white photos!)

If it's a good shot, I KEEP IT. I do not trash it simply because I have met my minimum requirement! I edit any "extra" shots just as I do the others and include it as part of the gallery. No extra charge!

4) Quality of Images

All of my images are large format and could be enlarged easily to go on a very large wall in your home! I have top of the line equipment and programs to make sure you get awesome photos from start to finish!

Each image goes through Lightroom editing and then Photoshop to soften the skin, fix fly away hair (if possible), remove distracting things from the background, etc.

An example of a before photo:

And after:

Notice the pavement is cleaned up, bruises and ouches removed from kids legs, plus color and skin smooth.

5) Selection of Session Types

I know everyone has different needs! I offer multiple types of sessions - including year round mini sessions and micro mini sessions - so that almost every budget is respected.

Pricing Info for all Session Types Here

In Conclusion

I know you have LOTS to choose from. I'd love to chat with you and discuss further!

Here are some helpful links:

See current updates my checking out my Facebook Page or my Instagram!

Email me directly Here.

More Info about Christie Here.

Hope to see you soon! xoxo Christie

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