What Makes Christie Gare Photography Different?

Yay! You've decided you want family/milestone/maternity/newborn photos! You have a zillion of photographers to choose from, you have friends recommending people left and right. You do a Facebook post asking for recommendations and get even more to choose from. How do you choose?

I get you have many options in North Texas. I'd love to be considered for your next session, and I believe that my business model and my talent speaks for itself. Read on!

1) Why Christie?

I've been doing photography for over 10 years, and I am constantly learning, tweaking, and investing in making my business and my product even better. I'm a former teacher - so kiddos are my jam and I am willing to make silly noises or whatever it takes to get them to look at me (and hopefully smile!).

2) I don't like Sales

This is not my thing.I have no desire to bring you to my office, offer you a latte, and show you a slideshow of your images, set to music, and hoping to get you to make an emotional purchase. The actual art of photography - the lighting, the posing, the connection - is the part I love. I want to focus on giving you that, delivering y