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You got the gallery link! Now what??

YAY! I've just sent you your gallery and you're like what?!?!? Here are a few tips.

1) Download the entire album, via zip file, on a computer.

The download button is in the upper right on the main album page (with all of the photos displayed). Enter your email and it will send you the file within a couple of minutes! After clicking on the link and selecting "download all", the server which holds the photos will send you an email with a link to download a ZIP file. SOME phones can do this now and will be saved to your files on your phone - not photos. Most people download them and then burn them to a CD or a USB drive and then save in a fire safe box from a computer. Or, you could have an online photo storage system such as google or even dropbox!

**** If you do not have access to a computer, I offer saving the gallery images to a USB drive and mailing it/dropping it off for you! Here are the steps to order/pay for a USB to be burned for you:


1) Open your gallery and click on any ONE photo (do not click on "Buy All")

2) When that one photo is open (again, doesn't matter which one), click "BUY PHOTO" in the upper right hand corner

3) In the menu under your photo, click "DIGITAL MEDIA"

4) Click the USB of Gallery Images 5) Make sure your total is $40 +tax and continue the check out process as usual. I will either mail you or drop off your USB! Give me about 1 week time to make this happen.

2) Download individual photos to your mobile device It can be kinda complicated to download a zip file to your phone and save to your photos from there. Although you can't download an entire album on your phone, you can pick individual images via the gallery link to save on your phone. This works great for wanting to share your favorites right away!

Click on the image you want to download and then in the bottom right corner, click the download button. Enter your email and it will send you the file. If you have an iphone, the image will come up and you will push the "box with an arrow pointing up" and scroll to find the "save image". Done!

*RESIST THE URGE TO SCREEN SHOT!!!!! This makes me cringe and the quality is down to 0 at that point!

3) Share your images! I am proud to say that referrals are my main source of bookings, so when you credit me, it helps my business immensely (plus, it makes me all giddy inside that you liked them so much!)! If you are unsure how to credit, all you have to do is add a caption or tag my business by typing in: @christiegarephotography ! If that isn’t pulling up, you could simply include my website: or tag my account in it! I choose to not watermark my images because I want the focus to be you YOU and your beautiful smiles!

4) Prints! Can I be honest with you? I have my print prices so low that I usually only make about $5 profit per order. No, I did not forget a zero! My main business maker is not prints, so I keep my prices low so that more people can have access to quality prints! Please use the same link that I sent you to purchase prints. Yes, they are more expensive than walmart, but my goodness the quality doesn't even compare!

Not my image, but this gives a good understanding of why pro printing is worth it!

5) Changing something about a certain image

Now that you have your images, you may think "I wish this was zoomed in closer" or, "I wish I could crop this vertically". Many times, I leave an image further back that you'd expect so that if you go to print canvases or large portraits, you have "space" to zoom in or cut off. Some sizes, such as 8x10, cut off quite a bit of the original image ratio. So, I need to leave some space.

Most websites when you order prints, including mine, allow you to crop and alter the image in the ordering process. I'm also happy to help - just email me with the image(s) numbers and I'll get them back uploaded to your link!

For a comparison of rations, take a look at these examples. 8x10 and 16x20 are the most restrictive, and yet most popular, sizes!

I'm honored to have captured family memories to last a lifetime! Thanks for choosing me! xoxo Christie

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