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Tips for a Successful Cake Smash Session - Christie Gare Photography Frisco Photographer

CAKE SMASHES! They are always so fun and always a great time of celebration. Over the years, I have learned a few tips to help them go a bit smoother, and maybe even more successful for that adorable picture of your little one getting messy in their cake! All of these photos were taken in my Frisco studio -read on for some tips!

1) Try on their adorable smash outfit ahead of time

Most of the time, the outfits online are not sized appropriately. Check it out on them -- see if it needs pinning or adjusting and bring those fixes with you. They will not be laying down in them, but, it needs to be comfortable enough for them to not be distracted by it.

The adorable outfit pictured below is from Amazon - it came with the headband even!

This adorable cake smash had the one balloon I have, and my confetti sprinkled on the floor, plus confetti added in photoshop to get this adroable festive shot!

2) Bring a regular outfit as well

Before the cake smashing, bring a "regular" outfit for us to capture them in! I typically spend about 15-20 minutes before the cake capturing them in several different set ups/background options.

3) Marketstreet is my favorite for adorable, affordable cakes!

You can't go wrong. Order a head or walk in a grab one -- they are by far the most used for cake smashes! IF you can make a request - ask for the cardboard on the bottom to be just slightly bigger than the cake - it will look better on my cake stands!

4) Be Flexible on the cake topper and/or headband

I don't recommend spending a lot on these things - usually they are the first things ripped off and torn apart. :)

5) If you really want them to devour into the cake ...

Most babies (especially the first), do no like cake at first glance. Or maybe your little one simply doesn't like to get dirty. Either way, keep your expectations knowing your kiddo - or maybe even make them a tester before the shoot so they are familiar with tearing into a cake. Worst case scenario? Bring some cherrios/puffs -- and we will hide it on the back side of the cake so it looks like the birthday babe is eating cake when it's really puffs 😃.

6) Bring a comfy change of clothes for baby and you

Typically, mama accidentally gets covered in icing while helping your little one to figure out what the goal of a cake smash is. Bringing a change of shirt is helpful if you don't want to feel greasy going home! Also, bring your little one a warm outfit to change into after their sink bath. I have Honest Baby Wash and towels ready for you when you arrive!

7) Know what props you want!

I have an array of props and even cake stands. Feel free to ask me for anything specific you want to use!

Specifically, I have made a blog post describing exactly what is in my Frisco studio available to use. Go here to check it out!

8) Want more decor? Go for it!

Most mamas are going with a more simple/classic clean look these days -- but feel free to bring a banner, prop/etc - whatever you would like! This blog post is an oldie but goodie but helps you know what to think about!

In Conclusion, I hope this helps you think about your upcoming session and let me know if you have any questions! Want to get something booked? Shoot me an email now!



Christie Gare, owner of Christie Gare Photography, is a Frisco, TX Family Photographer. Christie serves the areas of Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Celina, Little Elm, Plano, and beyond!

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