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Fall 2023 Recap! How to get a session!

This time of year, I get emails and messages DAILY asking - BEGGING - for a session. And it breaks my heart to say that I've been booked up for weeks and I have nothing available.

1) Get on the list!

All of my fall session details are released in July for sessions taking place in mid August - December. Every year, I work tirelessly trying to find a variety of locations and options to offer, and usually have over 100 sessions in varying length to offer.

This year, the first sessions to sell out where:

- Santa sessions (sold out within 1 minute of release!)

- Adriatica outdoor sessions

-Lumen Room Plano sessions

*Please note that during the fall, my prices are a bit higher to accomodate the cost of rentals and schedules!

The exact date is announced with plenty of notice via my


Every year, via my VIP facebook group, my VIP clients get 24 hours to choose a session before the general public.

What makes a person a vip? Having had ANY session with me, at any time!

In the VIP group, a few weeks before release, I release a schedule of what I will have available so that clients can have a list of what they want to grab when the release happens.

Currently, there are almost 300 VIPS in my group, and so, for your best chance to get a session with me, you need to grab a session in the off season to get in the group!

3) Get on the WAIT LIST

Did you miss it? I always have a wait list available at - and while I usually don't have much notice when there is a cancellation, there are always cancellations.

4) Why is there such a demand?

My business model is unusual. I don't upsell. My price is upfront and I'm generous. I believe this is one of the reasons I have such a devoted following and sell out every year! New clients may have trouble trusting me, but you won't regret it!

Hope to see you next year!! xoxo Christie


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